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Non-Resident Indian Taxation in Hicksville, NY

A non-resident Indian (NRI) is a person who is a citizen of India, or person of Indian origin, who does not reside in India. Being an NRI in the United States means owing income and business taxes to two countries at once. For people in or near Hicksville looking for tax services, it can be difficult to find an accountant who appreciates and understands this complex situation.

We are glad to say that your search is over. Gupta Tax & Business Services provides dedicated NRI Taxation Services.

How Do I Determine my NRI Status?

As established, you must either be a born citizen of India or someone whose parents or grandparents were citizens of undivided India to count as an NRI. The other metric, residency, is more complicated.

If you are of Indian citizenship or descent, your non-resident status will depend on how much time you have spent in India. You will count as an NRI if you spent at least 182 days in India for a given tax year. This situation commonly applies to people who only left India to find employment or to be a crew member aboard an Indian ship. Alternatively, if you spent as few as 60 days in India for the tax year, but your total time spent in the country for the previous four tax years is at least 365 days, then you still have NRI status. People who live outside India but frequently visit it fall into this category as well.

When Must I File Taxes with India?

India has a basic income exemption limit. NRIs whose income fall below that number do not have to worry about filing taxes. If your income is higher or you want to get your tax refund, it is time to file.

However, filing your Indian tax obligation is easy when Gupta Tax & Business Services is your tax preparer.

Our firm is familiar with all aspects of NRI taxation, and we guide you through every step. We fill out your income tax return (ITR-V), and we get it verified with and sent to the Income Tax Department of India. We also understand the interrelationship of international tax laws with American ones; your Indian obligation is reflected accurately on your United States tax returns as well.

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